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Walter Evenepoel (singer and songwriter) on the art of Maria Cocquyt

How can it be that one can be touched by an object as trivial as a clay pot? What power makes you search for a message behind the mysterious letters and numbers, that scream for attention alongside the crevices or the green clouds? Are they messages from the Ancient Egyptians, from Argonauts or aliens? Or are they remnants from the caves of Lascaux or Altamira that haven’t been excavated before?


How can it be that these works of art radiate such peace and humble wisdom, when the creator is glowing with social involvement? Where does she hide her passion? Can we find indications of her ardency for a better world in her silent ceramics? Did she hide a message in the capricious curves of the pot sherds, or in the finger prints on the "impressiones"? Or are its bright colors a reference to her own Festa di protesta?


Somebody who has the gift to make objects as intriguing as these, must be a great artist. Who will be surprised to hear that the works of Maria Cocquyt can be admired on momentous thematic exhibitions in Faenza (It.), Komatsu (Jap.), Madrid (Sp.) and Luxembourg (Lux.) or in the finest Belgian galleries? Those who observe her ceramics thoroughly and let the silent intensity work, will nog be surprised to find Maria Cocquyt’s work in magnificent catalogi of the Cocorso Internationale della Ceramica or the Competition for Decorative Ceramic Works in Kutani, Japan.


Walter Evenepoel

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